My mom used to always say “Sometimes not reacting at all could be the best reaction  you can ever give”. 

For me, that was a really hard quote to grasp. I’ve always been really reactive when it comes to situations. I always want to make sure that whatever the situation is, it was handled right then and there, no matter what was said good or bad. And to be honest being reactive right away caused more damage then fixing in 95% of my situations.  Because of the high emotions, I would say or do things that I didn’t mean.

As I was doing some reflecting today I really noticed the growth in  my actions, my thoughts, and just realizing whats best for my well being.

As I reflected even more I came to the conclusion that “Protecting my Peace” is what is most important. When a situation comes your way its important to sit back neutralize and evaluate if the situation is even worth your energy and/or your time. Taking the time to do that will allow you to not react out of emotions and it will allow you to either address the situation calmly or to let it be, and let the universe/God take care of it.

Remember that nothing is worth more than your peace. Protect it!