PORES – how much do you know ?

So how much do you really know about your pores?

Im literally debunking all these crazy myths that we hear on a day to day basis and breaking down what we really need to know about them.

So if you follow me on instagram, I posted a Pores Quiz to see how much you really knew about your own pores, most failed lol but its okay because below I am going to give you all the information you need….

First thing first, there’s really no such thing as a pore-dimishing skincare/treatment… The goal is to not chase for a perfect skin but healthy skin, which is all that matters.

No one would ever have a bare porcelain pore-less skin.
(however if that’s what your looking for makeup will do the trick)




I received this question after posting my pores quiz:

I am having large pores due to acne. I am confused, are they acne scars or just large pores?Β 

This can be very tricky to differentiate pores and ice pack scars, especially since acne happens most of the time on areas with larger pores.

From what I know ,

  1. Pores are regularly distanced from each other ( so when they are a little out of place, it might be a scar)
  2. Pores are concentrated at face parts that produce more oil (cheeks, nose, T- Zone) while acne scars can be anywhere.
  3. Ice pick scars will look darker than a normal pore (since they penetrate much deeper)


Common misconceptions is that having a routine facials will make your pores eternally enlarged, which is not true! You are extracting the gunk out and skin surrounding your pores will stretch back to it’d minimum when the pores are cleaned.


Overall we want to keep our skin hydrated and moisturized, use UV protection to prevent sun damage and aging, we need to keep the skin bouncy! EXFOLIATE, removing dead skin cells and excess sebum to prevent the pores from getting clogged, which will cause more troubles (cough cough ACNE). & use anti aging products, non saggy skin = less visible pores.



Until next time















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