Beauty Guide: Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles


QUICK DISCLOSURE: I wanted to just start by saying that everything I write about is truly opinion based and is based off of things that I have tried, used, or witnessed. Everything that I talk about is used with natural products and is cruelty free & paraben free. Any questions or concerns please email me at . ENJOY! XoXo 


050917-696x348I wanted to start this Guide with my most common asked about issue ” how to reduce puffiness and under eye bags?. Just to give you a little insight on puffy eyes, there are two types,

  1. Water fluid. Staying hydrated is so important & I cannot stress this enough. When you are dehydrated the body will start storing it around your eyes as a reservoir for rainy days. So drink PLENTY OF WATER like 6-8 oz glances each day or (1.5 to 2 liters of water a day)
  2. Fatty Deposits. These are usually a result in not treating under eye puffiness early on. The fatty deposits are harder to get rid of. The two solutions for the fatty deposits are either massaging around the eyes for 10-15 min consistently and daily. or for severe fatty deposits, cosmetic surgery. I definitely recommend trying the massages first and give it 2-3 months to start noticing a change.

My famous answer to everyone who asks me this question is “LETS GET TO THE ROOT OF THE ISSUE!”



Like everything in our lives, all of this is interconnected some way some how. For instance, if you are stressed, your adrenals become less efficient, which can lead to hormonal imbalance, which can lead to water retention and ….WALLAAAA…puffy eyes (among other problems). Keep this in mind as you look to solve your puffy eye problem..


  • Upon waking up, take 15-30 min to get the heart pumping exercises. Try some yoga, bicycling, hiking, sprint/walk circuits, etc. Getting your blood moving will also move lymph and drain any excess fluids from your eyes and face. Plus your skin will look lovely and glowing overall.
  • Wash your face with cold water or refrigerated toner pads. One of my secrets is I make a natural toner using APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (ACV) and water. Our skin is naturally acidic, but when our levels are in balance our skin will live at the perfect level between oily and dry. When your pH levels are out of balance, that is when you break out, when your pores get clogged, you are too oily or too dry, skin can be itchy or irritated etc. ACV has a pH of 3 and when diluted, the acidity from the toner helps bring your skin’s pH back to its normal levels. Restoring your skin’s balance, this apple cider vinegar toner helps your skin function optimally, warding off bacteria and shedding dead skin cells at the proper rate so your pores do not get clogged and your skin remains healthy.

    Additional benefits to ACV Toner:

    Rich in natural alpha hydroxy acids

    Lightens sun and age spots

    Dissolves dead skin cells

    Balances the skin’s PH

    Improves acne and acne scars

    Helps minimize appearance of pores


    A jar of caffeinated green tea, in the refrigerator – pour a little out onto thin cotton pads and place under your eyes for 3–5 minutes. Alternatively, you can use an eye ice pack, cold metal spoons, or two slices of refrigerated cucumber, which you can keep on your puffiness for 2–3 minutes. This will promote fluid drainage and also constrict blood vessels, which is great if you also get under-eye circles due to visible veins. It is good for stimulating the nerves on your eye area.


SOLUTION 1. Get on a good diet consisting of whole, organic fruits and veggies, wild seafood, grass-fed and/or wild meats ( I do not eat meat so that was for meat lovers) , and occasional nuts and seeds. Avoid soy, avoid all grains (especially wheat and corn) as much as possible, and if you eat rice, always go for brown. Diet alone has a positive effect on your ability to sleep well, handle stress, allow your organs to function efficiently, balance your hormones, reduce or eliminate allergies, and reduce or eliminate water retention. As you can see, diet is 80–90% of your well-being. Puffy eyes is only one problem, and you can eliminate that and all the other little issues you may have (poor sleep, acne, fatigue, moodiness, etc.) just by eating well.

SOLUTION 2. Follow a good sleep routine. Staying up til 3 am is not cool or necessary – it doesn’t follow your body’s natural rhythms and does not allow for the proper rejuvenation and hormone regulation that normally occurs during sleep. The result is lack of quality sleep, puffy eyes, under eye circles, greater calorie requirement & whacky moods. Act like a grandparent if you have to, and go to sleep as early as you can stomach it (try for 9 or 10 pm).

SOLUTION 3. Limit your sodium and sugar intake. Right on par with Solution 1. If you follow the diet prescribed above, your salt and sugar intake is going to be “normal.” You will get all the salt and sugar you need from your whole foods, since sodium and simple carbohydrates exist naturally in all fruits, veggies, seafood, and meats. Adding iodized salt, Kosher salt, sea salt, rock salt, etc. is usually unnecessary and throws off your body’s natural sodium/potassium balance. Sugar in particular raises insulin levels unnaturally high, and prolonged exposure leads to insulin resistance, which is a precursor to diabetes and metabolic syndromes. If you have been overdosing on salt, consume potassium-rich foods (leafy greens like spinach and swiss chard, broccoli, cucumbers, yams, asparagus, melon, figs, plums/prunes) to help eliminate the extra fluid and restore balance.

SOLUTION 6. Avoid alcohol and caffeine. (SO THIS ALONE IS SO HARD FOR ME BECAUSE I AM A COFFEE ADDICT & a WINE DRINKER !!!!) BUT You don’t need it, and it often causes more harm than good. Using caffeinated tea topically under the eyes is fine. Drinking a cup or two or three of coffee or black tea every morning is not. Wean yourself off the caffeine if you want your adrenals to function properly (your adrenals are important for hormone balance and proper sleep, which also effects water retention and puffy eyes). Alcohol is dehydrating and disruptive to your body systems. Have a glass of wine occasionally if you feel like it, but as a general rule keep the alcohol to a minimum. Second secret- Starbucks is my best friend, coffee is not 100% bad for you however drink it with moderation. When I order at Starbucks I either get a Dark roast or a Pike, these are the less caffeinated coffees, I use almond milk and no sugar  The BLONDE has a lot of caffeine so deff STAY AWAY!


All in all there are many solutions and ways out there to help fix puffiness, but I found that through expereince most diseases and imbalances can be fixed naturally with consistent diet, supplementation, and exercise. Overall here is the perfect guide to get rid of puffiness & under eye bags the NATURAL WAY.

Leave a comment if you have tried any of these Natural Solutions and let me know how its worked for you.


Find a natural method and stick to it, Consistency is Key.  



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