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Hello bloggers long time no hear, we are around the time again where days are longer and the heat is scorching. If you haven’t looked in the mirror lately and seen your skin completely dried and red rashes on your chest, then you haven’t been exposed to heat !

Here are some helpful tips to help your skin survive this summer. Lets start with “Chest Acne”. Sun dries the water out of your skin dehydrating it which makes your oil glands over grow and over produce. During the summer “CHEST ACNE” tends to be worse because of high temps, pores clogging from sweat, friction from your clothing rubbing against skin and increased bacteria on your body.


  • Do not mistake chest acne for folliculitis. (a skin condition that can show up on your chest which is caused by bacterial infection of your follicle).
  • Heat rash is another skin condition that creeps up in summer which can look like acne.


  • layer makeup your chest to camouflage breakouts
  • apply to thick of moisturizer
  • use thick sunscreens

On average we take 1-2 showers a day, well to help our skin and breakouts on our face some suggestions would be to take about 3-4 showers daily to get bacteria off the skin’s surface and to exfoliate regularly. My top recommendation would be to use a sonic cleansing brush or physical exfoliator that contains gentle skin granules. (THIS CAN BE USED ON FACE & CHEST). Also when you shower use benzoyl peroxide or 2% salicylic wash to keep your pores clear. After you are finished it is best to use a lighter not so thick moisturizer, because due to the high temps your natural oils are already keeping your skin hydrated, so definitely try the “ultralight moisturizer”.


If you already have chest acne or severe acne on your face, do not pick, scratch or peel of pimples because it will leave terrible scars.

Apply a leave on benzoyl peroxide or salicylic gel. If you are like me and like home made remedies use a topical oregano oil, which kills the bacteria in your pimples, dries them up and helps heal.

If you have to conceal or use foundation I recommend using an oil free salicylic acid based foundation and also treat at the same time. My favorite brand would be the Clinique Acne Solutions liquid makeup, Clinique products are not harsh on the skin and leave that amazing glow.


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XoXo _RougeBeauty


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